2016 matches, Lv1 - at The Northern Shooting Show (May 7th/8th)

Lv3 - at The Grange (July 30th)

Lv3 - at The Grange (October 29th)

Please ensure for the Lv3s that you have your Competition Certificate and your membership of your Regional IPSC Governing Body is up to date.

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GPS- Airsoft Practical Pistol Shooting Club based at The Grange in the Heart of England

Join us every Monday night from 7 till 9pm

What is it AIPSC?
It is the airsoft variation of IPSC (
International Practical Shooting Confederation ) also reffered to as Action Air.

The video below from Airsoft Surgeon explains far better than any text can, so watch and enjoy.

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Download the current AIPSC rules document here